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Social Media Marketing

Can be a great tool, or a waste of money! Small things like colors, type of text, and word choices make all the difference.

The most important thing to remember about Facebook is that it cares about Facebook more than it does you as an individual advertiser. When deciding which ads are seen, facebook considers several factors, and they all center on the user’s experience and the impression the ad will leave the user about Facebook. That’s right… about Facebook.

In fact, Facebook isn’t shy about this. At a recent meeting about ad creatives some of our staff attended in Dublin, they made it clear that ads which seemed too intrusive because of the amount of text, physical attributes of the models, or the volume of a video would not win an auction regardless of the bid. As offensive as it seems, an internal Facebook creative director once told me a model was too pretty, and he didn’t feel the ad would be shown.

So what should you know? Social media sites are data miners. They understand who are the buyers and what types of ads work most effectively with them. The good news is that they share ad. profile information with strategic partners. We call it “the secret sauce.” That’s why we know why that too much blue, or texts in the wrong place doesn’t convert as well as an ad with orange in the top left hand corner.

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