• KC
    President, Co-founder

    A ball of energy on high heels, KC’s vision keeps everyone focused. Integrity and empathy are at the center of who she is as a person and business leader. “Understand our customers’ customers is central to creating an effective online marketing campaign.” Although it seems like she is always thinking about our clients, she also finds time to shop, sing, travel, create some new craft, and did we mention shopping?

  • Russ
    Creative Director

    In addition to being a great team leader, Russ has the unique ability to transform a few lines on a napkin into an eye popping website. “Each website should be a visual journey that leads the viewer to take an action.” When not designing, Russ likes to ride and care for horses

  • Ellen
    Operations Director

    8 years of web development for some the world’s most demanding customers has shaped Ellen into one of the best developers we have ever met. Every company should have an Ellen, but unfortunately there is only one of her, and we aren’t about to share. She has a passion for life and likes to travel, and sharing her knowledge by teaching computer lessons to children in her spare time.