Before you waste money on a “stock” site there are some things you should know like NO ONE will see it!

Most folks don’t use template websites because they look cheap. Although we understand why many people feel this way, a more important reason to use a website built specifically for you is the SEO factor.

The first thing to consider is that the Google algorithm that determines which sites are seen first changes almost daily. This means that the static SEO you get from a big box website provider doesn’t change with Google.

Another consideration is that the limited search words one enters when filling in the template are most likely the same as the other 100 people using that template. How many small businesses do you think use the same template?

A custom website will make up a small percentage of your marketing budget, and will deliver an appreciable ROI.

We tested this by creating 2 similar looking websites. One custom built, and the other a template which we bought from a popular template provider. After measuring organic traffic to both sites, we wholeheartedly concluded that it would have been better to spend the money we paid for the templates on dinner with friends.